Saturday, 31 October 2015

President of Maldives, bomb blast, political purging!

The events of the past month when a supposed bomb exploded on the speed launch of the President of Maldives, Yameen Abdul Gayyoom (YAG) has imploded a political bomb as well. The presidents own vice president, Adheeb Abdul Gafoor, is currently under arrest and the main suspect. The VP's friends and business partners are also being detained and questioned. The President's own party, PPM, is now divided and in chaos.

Is this a real threat on the life of the president by a greedy VP? Or is this a ploy to purge the government and party of all opponents and threats to the current president YAG?

The more 'evidence' the Police and Military 'find' the more scary they make it sound. The recently discovered guns (apparently stolen from the Military store) and ammo and grenades and plastic explosives suggest that there could be a deadly scheme. The Police claim the search is ongoing and that there is no threat to the public. The president in his address to the people said that there was a threat and to be careful on the streets. These two contradicting statements along with the contradictory statements by the Presidents Office (which claims it was a bomb blast on the launch) and the Foreign Minister who told the international community that there was no evidence of such; there is even more controversy and mystery now than before. The unraveling isn't of the true culprits of the Bomb blast but rather of who sides with president YAG and his half brother (the long time dictator Gayyoom ) within his party and government.

The FBI who were called in for the investigation has not concluded that there was a bomb blast on the launch. The Saudi Arabian report of the blast says there was one. Nothing seems certain.

What ever the blast may be, a threat on the life of the president or a ploy to distract and create an excuse to rid those who threaten his power, this situation seems to have created a vacuum for the opposition to play wisely with. Only time will tell how this ;investigation' will continue and what more will be revealed. Prominent businessmen including Hamid Seytu are now under arrest. It just seems like at least now there is a political purge ongoing!

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